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Parcel 1
6.82 Acres

Parcel Images

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A beautiful parcel with power & phone. Homesite has partial views to the east, and views to the southwest of Lookout Mountain. This is the smallest lot on the 450 acre preserve. Completely surrounded by larger preserve lots (12, 30 and 340 acres) this parcel feels much larger and very secluded. Note that under the conservation easement these surrounding lots will not be subdivided which further adds to the value of this parcel.

At 2,120-2,225ft. elevation the parcel has heavy vegetation of Blue Oaks, Live Oaks and Bull Pine with a few small meadows and several large rock formations.

a. Parcel 1 boundaries are currently being recorded. Final lot size may vary to a minor degree.

b. Parcel 1 has one 2 acre development area.

c. Septic tank certification will be required and will be the responsibility of the purchaser

d. Electricity is located on east corner of the parcel. Additional extension will be required from Parcel 1 boundary to ultimate home site. Electricity extensions are at the cost of Lot 1 purchaser.

e. A Conservation Easement for the parcels is in development. This easement will restrict the use and further subdivision of the property. Copies of the easement regulations are available upon request and will be provided prior to buyer due-diligence period.

f. On-site water storage of a minimum of 2500 gallons will be required by California Division of Forestry for fire prevention purposes. Selected clearing for a distance of 100 feet around structures will also be required for fire control.

This material shall not constitute an offer to sell in New York, New Jersey or any state where prior registration is required.

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